So you have just found the all new, responsive, MadLettuce website. We here at MadLettuce Ltd are a team of web designers, graphic designers, project managers, E-commerce advisors and programmers who are based in the Coventry and Warwickshire area. We can run pretty much any project remotely so where we are really isn't so important. We may appear at first glance to be slightly unhinged but it's okay, really. There is a method to our madness.

Click around our site, see the great stuff we do and if you really need our services, well go on then, drop us a line.

Earn With Blogs, Micro-Sites & Adsense

We all hear about some guy that made a website doing something we don't understand and made a million bucks on it, or how some 14 year old kid made a billion by selling stuff online from his bedroom. We all want a piece of that action don't we. Learn how MadLettuce can equip you with blogs, micro-sites and Adsense to get the cash in!

Fresh and Crispy Web Design

We can design and build web pages for all occasions and all ages. We can use lots of colours. We have a lot of experience with the colour red. We also have lots of experience with multiple language websites and Content Management Systems (CMS). Contact us to discuss your needs.

MadLettuce Secure Cloud Hosting

You will find us to be very hospitable hosts with all the usual hosting plans but we're different in the integrated support we give in plain English. We provide basic hosting* from 60GBP a year. If we manage your domain registration whilst choosing one of our hosting plans we'll configure the two to work in perfect harmony for free. We will also help you understand the process of backups and server protection.

Software Application Development

Software comes in many shapes and sizes. Big and small. Online and offline. Round and square. From drawing up requirements through to deployment and production support, MadLettuce can manage you software development project. Whether it's for iPhone or Android, web or offline. Contact us to discuss your needs.

MadLettuce Domain Registrations

Need to buy or register a domain name? The online name game is often the starting point of a new online venture. Some people want a local sounding domain registration where as other want to conquer the world with a barrage of .com domain registrations. Whether you're thinking locally or planning globally, MadLettuce can help out as we have now added domain registrations to our growing repertoire of online services.

Outsourced Programming

Why get tied up in the hassle of trying to design, write and debug your own code? Why not just hand off to a team of programmers who live to code and let them do the work whilst you focus on more exciting things. Outsource you programming!

Spanish Website Translations

Here at MadLettuce we have put dozens of Spanish language and bilingual websites live. The best time to translate a website is when you're building it so the SEO is inherently woven in. Speak to us today!

Graphic Design

We do very good graphic design. From boxes and brochures through to web sites and logos. If you're really starting from zero, the logical thing is to have the same team design your corporate image and follow it through from you logo, branding and letterhead all the way through to your website, marketing emails and catalogues. Speak to us today!

Mobile and Tablet Friendly Website Design

Every man and his dog has a mobile phone or tablet these days, so you'll need your website to be mobile friendly. Luckily for you, we specialise in making websites that not only look great on bigger screens but on mobiles and tablets too! Want proof? Check out our website on a mobile device or tablet! Make sure you zoom in and out to see how it changes. See, we told you! Make sure people can access your website whilst on the move!

WordPress & CMS Websites

CMS is a Content Management System. It is a system which we set up for you to manage the content of your website yourself without the need of a web designer or programmer. Its not that we're lazy, it's just that we know the value of having a website where from any computer with internet access you can just log on and change your prices, add a special offer, add a blog entry or add a new page. 

Get Found With SEO

SEO is "Search Engine Optimisation" and strangely enough is all about optimizing your website for search engines. We can do all sorts of cool stuff on your existing pages including funny lines of code in the background that nobody sees, juggling bits of text around and having a chat with Google and other search engines on your behalf to tell them all about you and where you can be found.

Magento eCommerce

MadLettuce specialises in E-commerce solutions with Magento, the number one online shopping cart system. Running your own online store with a shopping cart and secure checkout has never been easier, we should know as we own and operate several successful Magento stores ourselves. Get a Magento site, domain and hosting for just 250GBP a year.

To achieve short term goals, we frequently work with quickly deployable projects via the WordPress platform which can help businesses launch a punctual, focused campaign.

For longer term goals it’s usual for us to set up an an online identity for a new business and take it from concept through to profitability in one uninterrupted journey.

We are also backed up with our team of regular offshore programmers, full time colleagues who can manage your project and ensure you get your website, database, application or module that you need delivered on time and on budget whilst taking advantage of the lower offshore development costs. Good idea, eh!?

So please remember, MAD as we may be, there really is a method to our madness!

Does it sound like you could do business with us?

MadLettuce Web Marketing If you have any questions or if you need any assistance, just drop us a line on the form below or give us a call on 0121 288 2750.

We are located in sunny Coventry, not far from the Costa del Avon, just off the Coventry Central Ring Road. Our offices are easily accessible from Coventry Airport, Birmingham Airport and the number 17 bus to the Coventry train station although most of our projects can be managed 100% remotely with no need for any visits.

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